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Elevated Life Sciences is a full service consulting and product development company. We are dedicated to incubating forward thinking technologies, products, and services for our clients, and for our portfolio companies. Through innovation, we are committed to improving the health of our planet, and the people we share it with. 



Elevated Life Sciences consolidates world class expertise across multiple industries: 

Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, sanitation and cleaning products, Medical Foods, health-conscious food and beverage, dietary supplements and nutraceuticals, non-consumable CPG.


We provide product development, supply chain management, manufacturing support, website development, SEO, e-commerce, and payment solutions for all industries.



Elevated Life Sciences has a fast growing portfolio of client companies and wholly owned intellectual property built around technologies, products, and services that we develop. Our wholly owned assets are often brought to market as autonomously operated companies which go on to achieve great success with the teams and support infrastructure that we build around them.  


Our Mission


Our biotechnology division specializes in developing innovative bio-pharmaceutical agents, advanced formulations, and drug delivery systems.

Our vast and diverse network of biotechnology and pharmaceutical experts provides clients with time and cost saving support for pharmaceutical and biotechnology development. Additionally, we partner with leading firms for legal support for securing and developing intellectual property.


Our consumer products division is committed to providing consumers with products formulated around healthier ingredients with innovative functionality; embedded in disruptive brands with positive lifestyle messages. 

As industry experts in nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals, botanicals, foods, beverages, green cleaning agents, non-consumable CPG, and more, we provide clients with turn-key product development services to bring concepts to market.


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