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ACQUIRED 10.26.18

Patented, novel, non-psychoactive therapeutics for targeted rescue and chronic treatment of convulsive disorders, including epilepsy and refractory epilepsy.

Alternative therapeutic areas include pain, and targeted neurological encephalopathies. 

Human and Veterinary Applications.



A therapeutic food (dietary supplement) to function as a meal replacement for unwell patients, and well individuals looking to restore and maintain health.


In the form of an ice-cream replacement. Plant Based. Infused with clinically studied natural active ingredients.


Designed to promote increased appetite, digestive support, and positive nutritional status in unwell target demographics. Designed to supplement well patients who seek optimized health and well-being.


Pending: Clinical Trials & FDA  Medical Food Status.


Mental Performance Formula

Clarity. Focus. Energy. Mood.

An all natural, zero calorie, healthier alternative to energy drinks.

FDA-DSHEA compliant, WADA compliant, and suitable for the armed forces.

Clinically studied active ingredients. Clinically studied formulation. 

We are passionate about freeing up life's little moments. Formulated to work effectively, quickly, and safely, our cleaning products get you back to living. Our brands solve everyday problems in a sustainable way.

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